Customer satisfaction is the core of our car service and car repairs; therefore we are committed to ensuring that you get the best car service specials performance, reliability and enjoyment out of your car at the best possible price. We constantly improve our own efficiency, ensuring that we always source guaranteed parts at the best prices.

Please contact Branden at Phone: (012) 804 7077 for more information or to book a service.

Why you must service your car?

Regular servicing helps you to protect your vehicle against costly wear and tear and maintain a good resale value.

Most of the components of your car are built to last 100 000kms and more. However materials such as oil, filters, fluids and other various parts are designed to protect expensive items such as your engine and gearbox from damage. In order to ensure that your vehicle runs with optimum efficiency and minimal wear and tear, it is vital that you service your car regularly. Servicing by qualified technicians will help you to identify potential problems and repair them before they become expensive.

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